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About this Project:
The Basic usage of this page is/was to display the current ingame (clanlord) time.
While working on the calculation and discussion with Lorikeet I got the link of a Winds of Dawn project which is/was not properly working anymore. There I found some formulas and also calculations which made it possible to add the seasons, the zodiacs and also the sunset/sunrise times of the days.
Thanks to Kiriel D'Sol I also got a more reliable factor to calculate the days with.

So I guess the information on the page are more or less self-explaining but there is more...

I hope that people will use my page also for coordinating ((semi-)open) hunts.
My idea was that everyone sets up his/her local time in a cookie on my page. Then you have the possibility to "Generate a new time-link" which will give you back the unix time stamp of your hunt starting time.
Broadcast this link and everyone can see easily and without the danger of mis-calculating all the different time zones.
As an appetizer I also added the information about day/night status and how long that condition will last.
So I hope you can better organize more challenging, interesting or suitable hunts.

Due to several daylight saving time changes during the year you'll be able to delete/reset the cookie and set a new one.
For time being it's the only way I can manage this... I have to watch which effects the changes will bring.
FYI: The server probably changes its time to DST(summer time) on 27th March 2011 (2am local time) and back on 30th October 2011 (3am).

If you have any questions, ideas, proposals or bugs please contact me either ingame (Talas), in the Sentinel (PM?) or... don't know - just find me ;)

PS: Known bug(s) and or comments will be listed here:
· At special times the ingame time will be shown like 7:60 before switching to 8:00 - thats because of a rounding error and shouldn't bother...
· Daylight Savings Time might produce problems. We'll find out...
· The page uses non w3c compliant html (I am a lazy boy). Nontheless it should work (I hope) ;-)

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